“PatronManager has completely unified our data. 加速兔_百度百科:2021-8-24 · 加速兔是一款高速的网络加速软件。采用目前先进和流行的互联网技术,拥有全新自主研发的高速通信协议;中国唯一一家启用服务器中转加速技术,ip识别功能技术的高速网络加速软件。加速兔网络加速器诞生于2021年,是“深圳加速兔网络科技有限公司”推出的专门针对国内访问国外日益恶劣的 ...

Amy Wratchford

American Shakespeare Center

“Our instagram:instagram怎么读_ : instagram一款应用程序,以一种快速、美妙和有趣的方式将你随时抓拍下的图片分享彼此; 以上结果来自金山词霸展开更多词典例句:1.The round valued instagram at$ 500 million.这轮融资使Instagram的市值达到了5亿美元., and our subscription renewal increased by 22%. Also, we increased our annual giving by 57% in the past 6 years.”

Michael Watson

Everyman Theatre

We’ve had a 21% increase in paid attendance and a 33% increase in contributed income.”

Dave Archuletta

New York Live Arts

Ticketing, subscriptions, fundraising, email marketing, and staff collaboration, all on the revolutionary Salesforce Platform.

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PatronManager is a powerful CRM platform that helps you sell more tickets, raise more money, and cultivate stronger bonds with your audience, all in one database.

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Go beyond just selling tickets – seize the opportunity to build relationships with your audience and provide a more personal experience.

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Know Your Audience


Every season, after every event, it’s always a good time to be fundraising. Combine your ticketing and fundraising into one solution and have reports emailed to you automatically.

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Know Your Audience


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"PatronManager is user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to train new users."
Dave Archuletta, New York Live Arts
"PatronManager has made patron management and the ticketing process so much easier, both on our end and on the patron’s side as well."
Tri Truong, Turtle Creek Chorale
"No words could express how impressed I am with any and all customer service at PatronManager. PatronManager’s team continues to go above and beyond the highest of standards I expect."
Scott Gryder, Chicago Opera Theater
"PatronManager changed the way we do business in our box office. I'm happy because I have a system that allows me to track everything, in just about any way I need to."
Jessica Dulberg, Adelphi University Performing Arts Center
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